The very mention of the name ‘VALUEMAN’ evokes an impression of a healer who preaches and practice affirmative values among our farmer friends. These are the values that save mankind from an unseen slow-poisoning due to adulterated crop. Thus, on principle we deserve to be known as valueman out of our pride of performance. So, unlike others we provide only quality nourishing agricultural inputs to farmers that ensure quality farm output in view of genuine wellness for all. Thus we ensure flow of vigor from farm to fork.

Corporate Core Values

What is todays agricultural all about?

  •  Alertness or carelessness
  • Discretion or simplemindedness
  • Contentment or covetousness
  • Resourcefulness or wastefulness
  • Sincerity or Hypocrisy

As we are a value based entity there are the values that drive us principally.

  • V ---------- VIBRANCY (We always throb with positive vibes.)
  • A ---------- ALERTNESS (We constantly keep an eye on surround.)
  • L ---------- LOGIC (We are guided by holistic logic.)
  • U ---------- UNBIASEDNESS (We always welcome suggestions.)
  • E ---------- EXCELLENCE (We never compromise with benchmark)
  • M ---------- MOTIVATION (We aim at food-safety for all)
  • A ---------- ASPIRATION (We want to leave a sustainable legacy)
  • N ---------- NOVELTY (We are keen on innovation)

Our Philosophy

Who really bothers over the open secret that conventional modern farming is 
eating into our vitality slowly but surely? In addition, our surround and biodiversity is also endangered today courtesy to the conventional farming. Under this grim situation, we have stepped up to save the agricultural sector of our beloved motherland from such a vice like grip. Valuman as an organization believes in agriculture in harmony with nature. Thus, we add values to lives.

As an indispensable aid to farmers, these are the services that we offer:

  • Tailor-made solution as per specific agricultural input requirement of the farm
  • Emphasis on quality organic agricultural input for quality output
  • Identification of agricultural methodological issues and production problems
  • Guidance on the background of the farm with an eye to future
  • Expertise advice on feed, seed, equipment, livestock, etc. for better yield
  • Organizing training sessions and onsite product demonstrations
  • Collection and organization of data and information
  • Preparation of business plan
  • Execution of Agricultural projects on turnkey basis

Moreover, in broader perspectives, building a realistic baseline for an organic culture in every nook and corner of our country is our ultimate objective .In order to achieve that stated objective we aim at these basics:

  • Creation of the capacity of organic inputs and produces in tune with the demand and supply gap with flagship projects like organic community kitchen garden, organic foods and fruit apps etc.
  • Spreading awareness about the myth and facts regarding the feasibility of organic farming.
  • Being an active part of implementation of government policies required to develop and device models of achieving zero net land degradation in India,

A green economy with a healthy community is not a fantasy but the need the hour in reality. After all only an organic India can be a healthy India.

We are devoted to promote sustainable Organic Farming and popularise use of organic products for a clean and green surround above everything else. We change the hazardous agricultural methods in a positive and eco-friendly manner. At Valueman Organic®, we foster Veracity, Trust, Affability and Motivation which are the driving force of our company. We always discover fresh possibilities with confidence and positive mind. We want to make the world a better place for our present and upcoming generation.



To emerge as a diversified group of companies with fair returns to the shareholders and fair compensation to the employees. To be rated as one among the first ten growing companies in India having delighted customers all over the globe.



To make our products & services reliable to the mass and to provide solutions for conscious healthy living by providing genuine, pure and safe products to the customers resulting in sustainable development of the society and nation as a whole.

  • Job Vacancy : Accounts - 07.11.2017

     Department - ACCOUNTS

    Position- Accounts Executive/ Accounts Officer
    Place of Posting - Kolkata 
    Qualification - B.Com/ M.Com
    Experience- 1 Year + ,  Must have working knowledge on Tally updated version
    Compensation - 10 to 12 K  pm
    Call directly at + 91 8017616123 , Send resume at

  • Job Vacancy : SALES - 07.11.2017

    Department- Business Development  

    Position - Sales Officer / Sr Sales Officer 

    Place of Posting - All major district of the state in India
    Qualification - Intermediate/ Graduation - Preferably Agri
    Age- 24 years +
    Experience - 3 to 6 years in the industry. 
    Compensation - As per Industry Standard.
    Call at +91 9051969632 , Send resume at:

  • NOTICE :Beware of Fraud - 03.04.2015


    Public is hereby informed that our company Valueman Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. is a limited liability company having registered office in Kolkata. From last couple of weeks we have been receiving malicious calls from many people enquiring about company naming Valueman Infratech India Ltd. Please be informed that the said company is not even remotely associated with us. People are mistakenly calling us to reach this reportedly fraud company. Beware !


  • In between farm to fork -

    It is said that ' What belongs to everybody actually belongs to nobody'. If it is not really so how can we stay carefully careless about something as invaluable as food? Who doesnot want to hold 'the key to a sound health in a sound mind'? With an eye to just that we are  to explore the world of food inside out shortly. For more you feel free to get in touch and be with us in the journey of 'Orgnanic India,Healthy India" . 9903460412

  • Distributors wanted - 01.11.2017

    WE are looking for distributors at national levels to trade whole range of our products- Organic Agricultural input and veterinary feed items.

    Incumbent may directly call at +91 8017616123 or can mail us at

  • Product Certification from VOCA - 24/10/2017

     Our products have been certified by VOCA  as a recognition of our uncomprosing quality .We are inspired and determined once more to take quality eco-friendly agricultural inputs,fish feed ,poultry feed and cattle feed to farmer friends at an affordable price. Let us make the dream of 'Organic India,Healthy India' come true.

  • Community Kitchen Garden; Urban Health Restoration - 22/11/2017

    According to latest scientific research ,most of the lifestyle related diseases in India are due to consumption of contaminated food and lack of outdoor physical  activity. Life in a metropoly is not all about confinement within an apartment. Those who do not have any access to open space can now breathe easy. We are about to come up wih a community based gardening programme with an eye to steady supply of heathy vegetables and  exposure to nature. It goes without saying that we must 'live wise to live nice'. So, those who are really concious about their well rounded wellness,feel free tp get in touch with us for further details.